Journal of

Tourism Resilience

About the Journal

The Journal of Tourism Resilience (JTR) is committed to publishing scholarly empirical, technical and theoretical research articles, that have a high impact on the tourism resilience and Crisis Management. The journal encourages new ideas or new perspectives on existing research, while encourage the promotion of new and innovative research on the various areas that exist.

The Journal of Tourism Resilience seeks to promote conversations on the effects of Tourism as well as explore all the various elements that may affect this precious global product. Established in 2020, the JTR aims to be among the most respected and reputable scholarly journals in the leads the Tourism and Crisis Management topics. The journal covers such areas as:

  • Tourism Health and Resilience
  • Tourism, Resilience and Entrepreneurs
  • Resilience and Disaster Preparedness
  • Resilience, Climate Change and Tourism
  • Tourism, Resilience and Security
  • Resilience Destination Preparedness
  • Tourism, Resilience and the Future
  • Tourism, Technology, Innovation and Resilience
  • Tourism, Communications and Resilience
  • Tourism Resilience and Branding
  • Politics, the Economy, Tourism and Resilience
  • Tourism Resilience

We are now accepting Manuscripts and Articles related to the above key areas. Feel free to suggest other possible areas that you find to be of great import to Tourism and Tourism related discussions. Review Issues are published biannually in January and July. These issues include widely read and widely cited collections of articles in the Tourism and Crisis Management and we hope they will become a major resource for scholars interested in tourism management and Crisis aversion. The review issue call for proposals is posted in December. Proposals can be submitted during the month of June.